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This gallery currently includes images from two series, described below.

The "No Escape" series began in 2004 and has been more or less continuously updated since then. The series was part of a May-August 2010 exhibit at Gallery Provocateur in Chicago, and was published in November 2010 in the book "f-eleven Volume 3" ( )

The series began as a counterpart, a reaction, to the more traditional nude in the landscape, the "safe" image with eyes averted, the depersonalized body in what I refer to as the pseudo-pristine landscape.

My landscapes are far from pristine. Often they're crumbling, the works of man neglected and decaying. My models are not depersonalized, they're real people, real minds, fully engaged in creation of the image. These people live in their very un-natural built environment, and they understand that what is today shiny and new will also one day decay, that on a geological time scale, none of this really matters.

The second series has a working title of "minima" and is quite simply the unadorned nude in a studio setting, in front of a featureless or near featureless background. Part art nude and part portrait, some of the models express emotion and connect with the viewer, setting up a tension with the abstraction of light and shadow, form and line.

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